A Commercial Building Inspection Can Minimize Your Risk


Buying a commercial property is a big investment, but having a commercial building inspection performed before you sign on the dotted line can save you big headaches down the road. The commercial property and home inspection professionals at Premier Home Inspection Group Inc. have a few tips to help you choose the right commercial building inspection specialist for your Lake Grove area property purchase.

Business Overhead

If you're hoping to minimize your business overhead, it's important to know what kind of business you've got going on over your head. A commercial building inspection specialist will evaluate the condition of your roof to ensure its integrity and alert you to any issues with rot, leaks, or structural damage.

A Healthy Bottom Line

The foundation of your commercial property is also extremely important when it comes to maintaining a healthy bottom line for your business. Look for a commercial building inspection professional who offers thermal imaging inspections to locate plumbing leaks, electrical issues, or areas with mold and mildew.

Safety & Liability

Safety is always an important issue, and having a commercial building inspection will ensure that your structure is safe for your staff, your patrons, and your guests. Whether you are purchasing a 600-square-foot office space or a 600-unit apartment complex, having your commercial property inspected can head off dangerous conditions and liability issues down the road.

Cost Savings

Having your commercial property inspected before you buy can eliminate the need for expensive repairs to your commercial building down the road. Being aware of problem areas allows you to petition the seller to make needed repairs and can give you negotiating power at the bargaining table, which can lead to added savings on your commercial property purchase.

Choosing The Right Commercial Building Inspection Team For Your Lake Grove Property

Whether you're buying or selling a commercial property in the Lake Grove area, having the right commercial building inspection team in your corner can make all the difference when it comes to a successful sale. Inspect once, inspect right, and call the commercial building inspection professionals at Premier Home Inspection Group Inc..

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